Mini-Workshop on
Differential Geometry and its Discretizations

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July 3 (Wed) - 5 (Fri), 2019


Osaka City University (Building E of Faculty of Science, Lecture Room E408)


Joseph Cho (Kobe University)
Kosuke Naokawa (Hiroshima Institute of Technology)
Wayne Rossman (Kobe University & OCAMI)
Seong-Deog Yang (Korea University)
Masashi Yasumoto (OCAMI)

Invited Speakers

Short Lectures (3 talks)

Wai Yeung Lam (Brown University, USA)
Katrin Leschke (University of Leicester, UK)

Invited Talks

Joseph Cho (Kobe University, JSPS Fellow, Japan)
Yoshiki Jikumaru (Kyushu University, Japan)
Masahiro Kawamata (Hiroshima University, Japan)
Callum Kemp (University of Bath, UK)
Eunjoo Lee (Soongsil University, Korea)
Yuichiro Taketomi (Hiroshima University, Japan)

Titles and Abstracts



July 3 (Wed) July 4 (Thu) July 5 (Fri)
10:00-10:50 Opening
Lee Lam (3)
11:20-12:10 Kawamata Cho
14:00-14:50 Lam (1) Jikumaru Kemp
15:40-16:30 Taketomi Lam (2) Leschke (3)
17:00-17:50 Leschke (1) Leschke (2) Closing



Suggestion to Speakers

At the lecture room there are enough blackboards and the computer projector. Please prepare your talk using them.


Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Discrete Geometric Analysis for Material Design"

OCAMI-KOBE-WASEDA International Workshop on Differential Geometry and Integrable Systems
MORITO One-Day Meeting on Differential Geometry and Integrable Systems
The 2nd OCAMI-KOBE-WASEDA Joint International Workshop on Differential Geometry and Integrable Systems
International Workshop on Differential Geometric Aspects of Integrable Systems
The 11th GEOSOCK Seminar "Spectral Curves, Integrable Systems and Differential Geometry"
Geometry of Submanifolds and Integrable Systems
Mini-Workshop on Geometry and Mathematical Science
The 12th GEOSOCK Seminar "Geometry of Discrete Surfaces and Applications"
The 2nd International Conference "Geometry of Submanifolds and Integrable Systems"


-- JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, No.18H04489
Principal Investigator: Masashi Yasumoto, 2018-2020.
-- Osaka City University Advanced Mathematical Institute (MEXT Joint Usage/Research Center on Mathematics and Theoretical Physics)

Contact (e-mail)

Masashi Yasumoto: yasumoto(at)

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